Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm back baby!

I'm terrible! I havent been able to access my laptop for ages and then I went away for a month so was unable to update this! My bad! Forgives me? *puppy eyes*

My trip, well it was pretty amazing, i saw some really strange things, crazy people and genuine kindness (though a lot of fake kindness too) and had some incredibly hilarious moments that (and yeah i know I hate people who say this but in this case it really is true!) you had to be there to understand. Many in-jokes were spawned from this trip and I'm really glad i went. I also got ideas for random one off scenes whilst I was there, some I wrote...some I havent got around to yet. But i think once written theyll be pretty damn amazing, i'll show you them when I'm done. Promise

Coming home was still great though, to be back in my own bed, to not have to constantly think about tax or be able to sleep without snoring or construction...Bliss! And yeah to be back in the arms of my bf was great too, nice to feel missed after all. :P

Well the point of this post is simply to get on my knees and apologise to my followers and promise some treats to come...some snippets of writing and possibly photos of my exploration of america. Since I should probably get to bed as i have *sigh* work in the morning I'll wrap it up here with just this note...

My Dad doesn't deserve me. And this year is going to scare the crap out of me, stupid uni :(

Bye lovelies!

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