Monday, October 25, 2010

Pointless insights

So i've been staring at a blank screen trying to think of something for todays post. But honestly I have no idea. So instead of a boring post I think I'll just post a few pictures with ideas that mean something to me
 I wish someone would say something like this to me. To accept me for who I am, crazy violence and all. 

 Letters are underrated nowadays. All the focus on getting a letter, checking the post each day and taking the time to consider what to write is forgotten now. An email? It's boring and regular. I just like getting a letter in the post, I'll keep it for far longer than any email. So write me a letter peoples! 
Admittedly this means nothing but it's pretty hot. Definitely jealous though! MMmmmm

This was a quiz result i found whilst looking for supernatural pics. I couldn't find the quiz but thought the picture sums me up quite nicely. Admittedly I'd rather do Cas than be him. :P 

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