Monday, October 4, 2010

Movies I can't live without (2)

Toy Soldiers (1991)
When terrorists sieze control of a boarding school, a group of trouble-making boys decide to resist them. Stars Sean Astin, Will Wheaton, and a whole load of other people :P  <-- watch the trailer.

Now the first time I saw this movie was one of those random on TV things where you just change channels and a movie is on, being bored you watch it. Years later and it stuck with me enough that i googled the plot until I found the name of the movie then instantly bought it. It's been one of my favorite movies ever since. I'm not sure why it's stuck with me so much but I think it's something to do with the way the boys fought back, maintained their youthful rebellion and refused to let the terrorists break their spirits. Besides their teenage pranks are quite funny, in one scene after being punished by a teacher the group of friends move every piece of the Dean's furniture outside. The Dean and the teacher have a conversation in front of the boys where theyre basically trying not to laugh/. I always smile during that scene. ALWAYS.

I know it's an old movie but it's pretty awesome. Besides I've always kind of thought a young Will Wheaton was pretty cute...


  1. And I adore a young Sean Astin! How have I missed this movie????

  2. I remember that movie. Yeah, Sean Astin looks really young.

  3. considering it was 19 years ago you'd expect them to look young :P i only watched this yesterday but im tempted to watch it again

  4. I watched that movie ages ago and enjoyed it. Took a few minutes to come back to me, but after you did the summary, I remembered. I enjoyed it back then and you make me want to rent it. :)