Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Now first of all let me just celebrate getting 15 followers, this may not be much to anyone else but it's pretty great to me. So thanks guys.
So there are various methods I like to use when I have an assignment looming or a task that specifically requires my attention that i really dont want to do. Here's a few of them...
1. Well to be honest this would be one of them. I'm really meant to have start work on my journal for human rights tonight but i'm procrastinating by blogging about procrastination.
2. Procrastibake. If I'm home alone procrastibaking is most often the thing ill turn too. Cookies, crumbles and those rice crispy things are my most popular choices.
3. Procrastibate. This is fairly self explanatory... Stress tends to arouse all aspects of my mind :P
4. Procrastiwatch. Basically i just watch tv. Reruns, entire seasons, its all fair game when theres something i have to do.
5. Facebooking. This is a classic unfortunatly. Though not much of a successful timewaster.
6. Reading
7. looking up pictures on sites like xanga for use as display pictures or backgrounds.

I dont tend to write as a form of procrastination. It almost seems disrespectful.
So do you guys have another methods of procrastination? Think I'm weird? Sound off in the comments :D