Sunday, October 24, 2010

I hate you but I like your friend...

In some things...books, movies etc. I simply cannot stand the main character, but the minor characters? My Fav's. I thought I'd share a few with you

Lord Of The Rings. Hate Frodo, love Eomer.
Glee. Hate Rachel, love Brittany and Santana
Lie to me. Prefer Loker to Lightman.

And so on. Why is it these main  ones suck so bad? They're either whiny, annoying or simply dicks. And in Rachel's case all three. You just want to punch them or take them down a notch. And the minor characters, whilst smaller parts, are just hilarious, sexy, or have the best parts in the book/movie. 

Just me? Or do you prefer characters which, whilst given less screentime, are still way better than the main character?

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  1. People who aren't the main characters seem to often have the best one-liners and delivery, because they have to work it right to get make the best of the time they have... maybe? You bring up an interesting point!