Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Is almost over! Bout 5 days left, and I will have successfully blogged everyday for an entire month! GO me! Just want you guys, my 'loyal' followers who totally haven't been commenting on my posts anything :P to know that come November i won't be posting as much, though teaser tuesday will be reinstated. :D

As for nanowrimo, I'm quite excited though I have no idea what I'll be writing about which terrifies me. I really want to win this, to prove that I can write, and maybe oneday get my work published.
So tell me guys, any of you doing NaNo this year? Whatcha writing about?


  1. I'm not officially participating, but I WILL be working to make my writing life more organized and will be editing my completed novel, a fantasy.

  2. Go you! NaBloWriMo has been kicking my butt. Most of my posts have been pretty short, but I'm glad I committed to writing something every day.

    Now onto NaNoWriMo :)

  3. Even if they're short they still count! :P Good luck completing the fantasy novel :D And organizing you're writing life :D