Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I want...Wednesdays

Everyone wants something. Whether you want a certain book, some time to yourself, or world peace, share what you want with “I Want….” Wednesdays.

I want (well would like, my mother raised me right after all :P ):

  • This dress

  • My own Eden, a sanctuary style library with a sliding ladder and every book I could ever want to read on the shelves.
  • A new camera....I dropped and broke mine and I kind of want to document this year for my scrapbooks.
  • And on that note I want to complete my scrapbook :P
  • A bigger bed. But bed shopping is haaaard, it feels like such a commitment that I want to make the right decision but I dont really think I know enough to do so! :/ Plus theyre expensive!
So tell me folks, what do you want?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The female thesaurus

So I keep seeing things about translating women... you know what I'm talking about, what women say and what they really mean. That kinda thing. So here's my crack at translating female behavior. Let me know if you think i'm wrong.

Sulking/Storming off/ Pouting = generally means you've fucked up, upset me and now I want you to prove how much you care by hugging or kissing me, chasing after me and generally begging for forgiveness.

Pretending to consider your/his friends as potential lovers. Saying you think someone's hot etc = trying to make you jealous. If your girl is trying to make you jealous then I suggest you kiss her senseless and tell her you love her and she's yours. She's TRYING to make you jealous in order to have you reassure her how much you love her.

Not texting for a period of time = She's waiting for you to text her. She's either afraid of coming across as clingy, waiting for you to show her how much you're thinking of her, or frankly can't think of anything interesting to say and is afraid to come across as boring.

Frequently commenting on your fb page, leaving hickeys in visible places, being overly affectionate in front of specific people, = marking her territory. this might sound stupid but if she's overly clingy in front of someone, eg one of her friends what she's really doing is telling them to fuck off coz you're taken. This especially occurs if she (or you) has one of those friends, everyone has one, who knows no boundaries...the boyfriend stealer who does it to feel better about herself.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

List of Loves

I love...

People who give awesome hugs. I'm talking the full on bear hug. Tight grip, two armed, full emotion. A proper hug that says 'i've missed you' or 'i had a good time lets hang out again'. Most people might not realize that there is a language inherent in the way you hug, its a form of communication!!!

Making lists and ticking things off. I have a little notebook that all the books by the authors I read are recorded in. I highlight which books I have an which ones I've read. And To do lists. Ticking things off makes me feel like I've accomplished something with me day. Love it.

Doing something that feels vaguely naughty...Reading sex scenes in public. Wearing sexy or matching undies. Kissing at work. Eating an entire packet of junk food in one go. Dancing in the nude (When home alone).

Snuggling up in bed with a good movie, food, drinks and a book whilst it's raining with absolutely no need to get out of bed. Making cookies at midnight. Belting out the words to a favored song. Having part of a story come together with little effort and without writer's block.

Being told you're loved. Snuggling in the warm arms of someone who cares about you. Best feeling ever.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I hate.....

 People who drive waaay under the speed limit when there is no valid reason drive me crazy. Today I got stuck behind a car doing 40km in an 80km zone when there was no-one in front of him and no possible way for me to overtake him. To some extent i understand driving below the speed limit but when people drive WAY under it's ridiculous and unfair to other drivers.

And speaking of driving, people who dont indicate when turning on a roundabout. It drives me insane when people look like they're going straight then turn right in front of you cutting you off. Ugh!!!

 People who cancel plans with you minutes before you're supposed to meet up. If you gotta get out of plans with me give me ENOUGH warning that i can find something else to do so Im not left abandoned. :( Its mean

Hiccups...I get them so often and they can really hurt!

I seem to have developed this way of typing or writing which ends up with my letters all muddled.  It gets all confusing and things never come out the way i intend to :( Its really frustrating!