Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I want...Wednesdays

Everyone wants something. Whether you want a certain book, some time to yourself, or world peace, share what you want with “I Want….” Wednesdays.

I want (well would like, my mother raised me right after all :P ):

  • This dress

  • My own Eden, a sanctuary style library with a sliding ladder and every book I could ever want to read on the shelves.
  • A new camera....I dropped and broke mine and I kind of want to document this year for my scrapbooks.
  • And on that note I want to complete my scrapbook :P
  • A bigger bed. But bed shopping is haaaard, it feels like such a commitment that I want to make the right decision but I dont really think I know enough to do so! :/ Plus theyre expensive!
So tell me folks, what do you want?


  1. I want my own office with bookshelves that line the walls. Also, a vacation in a far away land because I've been working way too hard lately.