Sunday, September 26, 2010

Music is life.

Music is life. Well no, it's not. But it's pretty damn awesome regardless. It fills in those awkward silences when you have nothing to say. It gives you a reason to move around or be quiet at parties. Hell it even gives you an excuse to get away from that creepy guy who's getting a tad too close...yeah you know the one I'm talking about. You just know when he starts getting a little too close that you can easily extricate yourself from his greasy grasp with a simple "Omg I love this song!" *dances* or "OMG I HATE this song, I've GOT to go change it" *flees*. Ahh music, you've saved us again.

And when you're trapped at work, doing the same thing day after day, stuck a little monotonous rut, then music barges in and takes your mind away on a little adventure. After all it's not like you can look away from your task to read for example, so music gives you something to think about as you quietly sing to yourself. Now I hadn't realized exactly how boring it can be without music at work. Our piece of crap CD player has finally decided to die, so for the past 2 weeks or so we've had no music at all. It's so boring! I find myself humming random songs over and over and over until someone mentions a different tune which then proceeds to stick its tiny little claws into my brain before another song barges it out of the way. Frustration and anger issues abound when there is no music!

Now finally we come to the issue that initiated this posting. Playlists.
Now I'm a kind of 'jam every song you like onto one list' kind of girl but I'm trying to make a holiday playlist for my trip to America next year. Or at least start developing the bare bones of it. Now my issue is, do I simply take songs about the places in going? As in songs with New York in the title? Or do I just have a few of those and then pad out the rest of the playlists with songs I love?  Deciding what songs to pick is so damn hard, but I cant just download them all so I have to pick by name or googling the lyrics to see if it sounds cool. But that makes me worry, what if I miss out on some awesome songs because they had a name I passed over? Ugh decision making sucks.

So do you agree that music is awesome? And can you recommend any songs for my playlist?

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