Saturday, September 11, 2010

Giving Love a Chance...

In this fast paced technological world i think true romanticism has been left in the dust. After all it's the little things that count, for example:
 a sweet letter in the mail instead of a boring email
a quick phone call (even a little post-it left where the other person can find it) to say i love you instead of a text
flowers delivered spur of the moment and NOT to make up for doing something wrong
a surprise picnic
Dropping by with food and a movie when we're sick
Even a mix CD of all the songs that you love/make you think of us.

Most girls aren't high-maintenance. We don't expect jewelery or chocolates all the time. We don't need lavish displays of affection. But what we notice are the little spontaneous heartfelt moments because it is truly the thought that counts. We love knowing you're thinking about us when you're at work or out with friends. And i think people underestimate the care that goes into a good mixtape :P well CD anyway...does anyone else miss tapes? :/

Unfortunately it seems the world has become jaded and lonely. Communication is lost, facebook and twitter etc devalue actual conversation, we have hundreds of 'friends' and yet no-one to actually confide in. Minimal close ties with people lead to lonely existences. C'mon admit it, how many close friends do you actually have? 4? 5? Now look 50 years back, people had dozens of friends and they were happier. Now i'm not saying more friends=happiness but i am saying that people were more patient, had a higher resilience and were simply better at communicating. Besides people rarely left their hometowns, hardly travelling far from home. You fell in love with the boy next door or you ended up a spinster. Now there's too much choice so we're all clinging to the ideal of 'the one' too afraid of 'settling' that we'd rather be alone so we can be available when our ideal man shows up. Bullshit. He's not coming, he doesn't exist, deal with it and actually start looking at what's in front of your eyes. Now i'm not saying people should settle if what they have isn't working or they aren't happy. What I am saying is maybe we should take a closer look at what we have, and not be afraid to take a chance...fear 'ruining a friendship'? Give it a shot anyway...if the mutual feelings are there then maybe you're meant to be more than friends...Think about it...

Everyone's so cynical and jaded now...a guy gives you flowers? Must be feeling guilty. Jewelry? Trying his hand at bribery. Flirts with you? Clearly just wants to get laid and you'll do. This is so sad. We need to stop over-thinking things and sometimes just go with it. Second-guessing others and yourself, self doubt and fear will take you nowhere good. We need to give guys a chance, they cant all be dicks. Some might actually think you're hot and want to get to know you. Or feel like being sweet and giving you flowers. Doesn't mean he's a player, or cheating.

Now I know you must be reading this and being like WTH?! She's a romantic at heart? Since when?! But i'm just trying to say that I think we'd all be much happier if we gave people a chance, let them into our hearts. And most of all, stopped letting our heads rule our hearts. Give love a chance people!!!

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  1. Naww Of course you're a romantic at heart, you can't hide it from us :D