Saturday, October 2, 2010

Movies I can't live without (1)

There are a few movies that I really love. The ones that I watch when I'm studying or need cheering up. The ones that i seek out when I'm bored or sad. The next few posts I'm going to talk about a few of them to give you a glimpse into the twisted nuttiness that is me.

Today...Four Brothers
Four Brothers (2005) is the story of four fuckups brought together by one woman. After she is murdered they return home to find their mum's killer and tear up the streets of Detroit trying to find out why the sweet old lady was killed. Its the tale of four brothers struggling desperately to understand the hand they've been dealt and struggling through life with a fierce 'fuck-em-all" attitude. Stars Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Garrett Hedlund, and Andre Benjamin.

Why I love it:
1) Garrett hedlund's performance. As the youngest of the brothers the others rip on him a lot. He hides a brutal past. Adopted by Evelyn because his family hurt him he struggles to deal with the loss of the one woman he trusted to protect him. One of the early scenes where he's playing his guitar after clearly sexy, his voice becomes so deep. You just want to hug him. Not to mention the scene where he steps out of the shower to treat you to a nice glimpse of his butt. Very sexy...if only he'd turn around before putting the towel around him. And ***SPOILER**** When he gets shot...incredible. You suffer with him and feel his fear and pain as he tries desperately to hold on. One of the best d***h scenes I've ever seen.

2) It's funny. For a action/ drama movie it has some seriously amusing scenes. There's one where the brothers are talking and bobby is just sitting on the loo the entire time. It's quite funny.... "Just wait for me to wipe my ass Angel I'm coming with you!"Love it.

3)The way the brothers are willing to do anything to find out who killed their mother. To put everything on the line, fighting crooked cops, politicians, gangsters...all to have the chance to go up against the man running the local mob. It's so...heart wrenching.

4)The acting. it's bloody awesome. Unless some recent movies *cough* twilight *cough* the acting is actually good. The characters feel believable. You feel like you know them and understand their motivations. The actors are unbelievably good at their jobs we believe their body language, their language, their clothes. Everything fits our perception of the characters and their brutal lives.

5) I can't say this enough... Garrett Hedlund! That boy is fiine! MmmHHmMMmm

Keep an eye out for the next few posts...Serenity. The Day After Tomorrow. Harry Potter. Toy Soldiers.

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  1. i love love love this movie... i saw it on a plane and missed the ending and then had to wait like 3 month for it to come to australian cinemas.