Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pet Peeves

Some things that annoy the crap out of me. Love to know which ones you agree with me on...

1. People who don't indicate if they're turning at roundabouts
2. Shops that don't advertise if they have an eftpos limit
3. Mosquito bites
4. Flat soft drinks when you get postmix in restaurants
5. People who use my name when ordering at KFC. It's creepy and makes me wonder if I know you. It can also verge on rude or disrespectful depending on the tone. Same goes for people whistling or yelling to get attention when I'm serving. I am not a fucking dog so will not serve you if you whistle at me!
6. Randoms who sit directly in front of, or beside, in an empty movie theater. Keep your distance unless it's packed, please!
7. Slutty/trashy preteens. Seriously. There's no need to dress like a streetwalker at 13! Put some clothes on and get some fucking class.
8. Journals that sound really helpful to an assignment but don't have fulltext online
9. People who overshare their lovelives via their facebook statuses. If they're in the other room go tell them you love them and their 'skills' rather than posting it via fb! Some things shouldn't be quite so detailed where unwitting friends can read it.
10. Flies. Ants. Basically any kind of bug. I hate them. They're noisy and randomly touch you in the night making your skin crawl and just generally disturb me.

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  1. Hmmm.. need to jot down mine.. by the way half of them are mine too ..