Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reclaiming my space.

Now I have a pretty small, rather weirdly shaped office. Having got my laptop I rarely use it anymore though. I am thinking that when i get back from my trip and have built my savings back up I might redo it. So this blog is basically me detailing my ideal space as a follow on from my previous post.

Chuck my current desk and buy a nice heavy desk. Im thinking this one from ikea which would give me space for my computer, hide all the cables, and give me storage space. if i put boxes in the squares then i can hide/store stuff.
THat would be pressed up against the wall with the window. lining the other walls would be my bookcases. I wouldnt need space for cupboards due to the storage space in the desk so in the free space I could either get a squishy chair/beanbag/ pile of cushions. Or i could just keep the space free. 

I would also get a new chair suitable for writing for long periods and comfy enough for watching tv in. Im thinking something like these...

But chairs are really something u gotta sit in to test out. I'd also want some new lamps, maybe new curtainy things, lights above my bookcases and just generally soften the room up.

So whatcha think?


  1. I would probably fill up those cubby holes with papers and books so fast and then never be able to find anything again... but perhaps that's just me :)

  2. well i already have 3 bookcases of books but yeah, theyd have my fav books and random stuff in them too

  3. you just wanna be cool like me and have the same desk :P