Thursday, September 30, 2010


So I've decided to participate in this, despite have 5 major assignments due in the next 3 weeks. Basically the idea is to blog every day for the month of October. It doesn't matter what you write, so long as you actually write something. See the little pumpkin down the bottom of the page? yeah that's how you know I'm doing this...

I'm hoping it will be good practice for November's nano (the write 50 000 words in a month) so I'll probably be posting about story ideas and I would really appreciate any input on whatever I post.

So give me a chance and i hope I'll keep things interesting for you...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teaser Tuesday - Cabin Fever

This was ridiculous. Cassie had to do something to break this weird tension between the two of them. Dancing around each other was simply too stressful for the both of them. Since he clearly wasn’t brave enough to make the first move Cassie would clearly have to do it. Cassie waited until Parker exited his predictable secret hideaway to jump him. Finally she’d have him right where she wanted him.
One hard shove to his shoulders pushed Parker back onto the sofa. Cassie immediately straddled his thighs pinning him to the couch with her body. Cassie knew Parker wouldn’t risk hurting her so frustrated and a teensy bit power mad she pinned his arms above his head.
“What the hell?”
“You, Buster, are going to listen to me.”
“You’re being an ass.”
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me. You’re dodging me. Acting all weird. It was just one kiss. Either get over it or kiss me again.”
“Get over it?”
“Do you have to get it out your system or something? Will sleeping with me help? I’ll take one for the team if I have to because you need to get your head on right! You’re putting us both in danger this way!”
“Take one for the team?!” Parker was angry. Alternating between insulted and excruciatingly horny, provoked by the way her thighs rubbed his and her offer to give herself to him, was not a comfortable place to be. Gripping her thighs tightly he lifted her, turning until she was lying crushed against the couch and he was pressing on top of her, lying between her thighs.
“You want me Cassandra. Don’t pretend this would be a hardship for you. You want me.” Proving his point he rubbed his hard length against her core eliciting a breathy moan from the girl beneath him.
“I want you.”
“You heard me Cassie. I’m not denying the attraction between us but this won’t happen. You hear me. We are not going there.”
“What? Not good enough for you?”
“You know that’s not it.”
“Do I? You kiss me then run off like you’re repulsed. You avoid me like the plague. And now you’re refusing to sleep with me? You’re clearly not gay so what is it?”
“Look Cassie, I like you. I really do, but this is a job. I don’t mix business with pleasure. It’s against the rules.” Her fire was seriously sexy, usually, when it was turned against him it kind of felt like she was scorching his chest. Intimidating as hell.
“Rules? Rules!” Incensed Cassie began punching his chest using the moves he taught her. Giving up she pushed him off the sofa and marched from the room.
Ugh! He was infuriating! Why he kept denying himself was beyond reason. A hedonistic see-want-get type of girl Cassie couldn’t see the virtues of self denial. They were trapped in this cabin together, two relatively attractive people with some serious chemistry, what did he think was going to happen? Before she returned home Cassie would seduce the hell out of him. Simple as that. That boy would be hers before the week was up.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Music is life.

Music is life. Well no, it's not. But it's pretty damn awesome regardless. It fills in those awkward silences when you have nothing to say. It gives you a reason to move around or be quiet at parties. Hell it even gives you an excuse to get away from that creepy guy who's getting a tad too close...yeah you know the one I'm talking about. You just know when he starts getting a little too close that you can easily extricate yourself from his greasy grasp with a simple "Omg I love this song!" *dances* or "OMG I HATE this song, I've GOT to go change it" *flees*. Ahh music, you've saved us again.

And when you're trapped at work, doing the same thing day after day, stuck a little monotonous rut, then music barges in and takes your mind away on a little adventure. After all it's not like you can look away from your task to read for example, so music gives you something to think about as you quietly sing to yourself. Now I hadn't realized exactly how boring it can be without music at work. Our piece of crap CD player has finally decided to die, so for the past 2 weeks or so we've had no music at all. It's so boring! I find myself humming random songs over and over and over until someone mentions a different tune which then proceeds to stick its tiny little claws into my brain before another song barges it out of the way. Frustration and anger issues abound when there is no music!

Now finally we come to the issue that initiated this posting. Playlists.
Now I'm a kind of 'jam every song you like onto one list' kind of girl but I'm trying to make a holiday playlist for my trip to America next year. Or at least start developing the bare bones of it. Now my issue is, do I simply take songs about the places in going? As in songs with New York in the title? Or do I just have a few of those and then pad out the rest of the playlists with songs I love?  Deciding what songs to pick is so damn hard, but I cant just download them all so I have to pick by name or googling the lyrics to see if it sounds cool. But that makes me worry, what if I miss out on some awesome songs because they had a name I passed over? Ugh decision making sucks.

So do you agree that music is awesome? And can you recommend any songs for my playlist?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Writing Wednesday

So I found this site that gives you writing prompts. So each Wedsnesday I'm going to try to do one of them...Here's todays...
One day you wake up to find your dog/cat waiting for you at the side of your bed, sitting on your briefcase. Cocking its head, it tells you, in perfect English, that you won’t be going to work today. Why won’t your pet let you go to work, and what happens?

Pale light filters through the curtains landing painfully on shuttered lids. Cracking open the heavy lids, squinting against the light, I groan and roll away from the torturous rays that awoke me. As the last remnants of sleep left my bleary gaze I reached for the alarm to prevent it from snapping me alert with each cruel high pitched wail. Recognition tickled the back of my mind; I'm not alone. My hand smacked against the bedside table as I gasped, Oliver, my adorably dim-witted Labradoodle sat atop my leather briefcase, his tongue lolling out his mouth as he cocked his head. 
"Ollie? How'd you get in here boy? Go on, out. Out."
"What do you mean out? Why do you never listen to me?!"
Surely I must still be dreaming. A dog shouldn't talk, especially not English. This had to be a dream. Dogs don't talk, not in this world. Rubbing my eyes I reached out touching his fur. Well he appeared real enough. Ollie sighed, a long suffering sound that didn't quite sound right coming from my dog.
"Yes Christina, I'm real."
"You can't be. Dogs don't talk."
"We talk all the time, you humans are too self absorbed to listen."
"I'm going crazy."
"You are not crazy. Now listen to me. You can't go to work today. Not today."
"Why not?"
"I'm guessing because I said so wouldn't work?"
"If I'm going to take the day off because my dog told me to i need a better reason Ollie. Why shouldn't I go?"
"I have no idea okay. Listen. You hear those barks? Dogs across Perth feel something is wrong today. Please. Listen to me."
After a quick internal debate I decided to stay home. Either I'd be safe or i was crazy and needed to rest. Acting like Dr Dolittle seemed like a good enough reason to play hookey, It's not like I loved my job anyway. I summoned up my best I'm-so-sick-I-can't-come-in voice and dialed my manager's number and informed his voice mail that I was too busy throwing up to come in.
"Okay Ollie. Done. Now what's going on?"
"I don't know."
Frustrated I yanked the blanket over my head and went back to sleep. Two hours later I was rudely awoken my my housemate's scream. She burst into my room and jumped onto my bed.
"Christina!! You're home! Why are you home? I'm so glad you're home!"
"Woah, what's wrong?"
"They're dead, they're all dead."
"Everyone you work with."
"Your building blew up, bomb, took out the entire block. It's all over the news! I thought you were dead!"
"A bomb? Oh my God. In Perth? Why would anyone blow up my building? Was in terrorism? Who would want to hurt us? Wait, they're all dead? Everyone?"
Sobs bubbled up my body as I thought of everyone I worked with. Sarah, the quiet one with a crush on Aaron the IT guy. Jessica, the bitch with an irrational grudge against me and Peter my gossip queen of a best friend. All gone. Even, Mr Andrews, my sociopathic manager with wandering hands syndrome. He might have been a perve but I didn't want him dead. 

All gone. How could they all be gone. Hysterical sobs wracked my ribcage as my housemate's arms held me close to her chest. She rocked me like a child, letting me wail against her shoulder as grief curled around my mind, piercing my heart, punching holes of loss into my chest. My dog had saved my life. But many innocents had died today. And for what? One person's darkness?

Procrastination hour....

So I just thought I'd share some things i happen to like watching in on the rare occasions when I'm drawn to youtube...

I cant tell you how much I love this video! The Sammy Song (Supernatural)

You've heard of the mysterious ticking noise? Well here's more from the HP Potter Pals...

I really wish I could draw like these people but I'll guess I'll just have to stick to writing!

I love Josh Thomas! He's so funny! "Get her now while her standards are low! It's like a good investment." 

And finally for all you writers out there, this is great. It's helping me find what words I seriously overuse and compares your text to what out ther to identify things you overuse. It's easy to use and great when editing...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teaser Thursday - Soul Bound (adult themes....)

Wrapping a towel turban-style around my hair and another around my torso I padded softly to the balcony. I stood in full view of the street as the cool Parisian air raised goose bumps on my damp skin. I watched as bright lights lit the dark night, tourists and locals mingling in the timeless mating dance of the lonely hearts. Rooted to the spot I watched a young couple giggle and grope as lust overcame them. Sneaking down an alley their intentions were clear. I contemplated looking away but knew deep inside that I’m not that moralistic.

 I watched as his hand moved up her leg, tugging her short skirt even higher. They clung to each other as his hand slid under the material and the expression of sheer pleasure that overcame her was almost intoxicating. Sheltered by the dark balcony I slid a hand underneath the towel, gently massaging my breasts, playing with my nipple until tingles were radiating through my body. Sitting back onto the lone chair I held my towel up with my free hand. The girl had tugged his jeans down his legs and tanned buttocks were clearly visible. He lifted her up so her legs wrapped around his waist and my fingers fluttered down my stomach until they reached the part of me that needed some attention. Sliding a finger along my wet folds I had to hold back a gasp. It’d been too long. As the man in the alley began to move I watched, transfixed. Pumping my fingers inside me, matching the couple’s thrusts was incredibly hot. Here I was, getting off watching others, in the middle of Paris. I moaned quietly as my orgasm hit, biting my lip to keep as quiet as possible. 

The couple yanked their clothes back on and walked off holding hands. My grip loosened on my towel as I kept stroking myself lightly. Cool air hardened my nipples to hard points as a loud wolf whistle rent the air.
“If you’re lonely ma Cherie I could keep you company”

Sheer humiliation twinged as I realised that as I’d been watching the couple someone else had been watching me. Yanking my towel tightly around myself I ducked into my room. I couldn’t get off that balcony quick enough.
“Where ya goin’ baby doll? I was enjoyin’ tha view!”

What's the name of the game?

Now I often find I struggle to come up with a decent name for my characters. A name that embodies everything about them, fits perfectly and sounds just right? Impossible. Well for me at least. If a name doesn't come to me within the first stirrings of an idea then I often use sites for baby names, picking names based on how they sound or what they mean. Occasionally I even look at random name generators. Name Generators can come up with the funniest most random names though, for example came up with Hedwig Shaynah Agrippina Magda, and Abia Silvia Willy Malie.

Even if I can decide on a name I'm so uncertain that I'll often change the name repeatedly as I write it. For example In Cabin Fever my FMC's name had to begin with a 'C', don't ask why, and i decided on calling her Cassandra. Then mid-write I decided to call her Carina instead. Now I'm editing and changed it back to Cassandra because Carina doesn't quite sound right anymore. Am I weird? Or do you guys find it hard to decide on names for your characters?

I think the one name I was truly satisfied with was my male lead for Navigating Life Without Atlas, his name was Bennett Harlan. I liked it because I could get his friends to call him Ben but Maera could call him Harley. Harley just personified everything I wanted him to be. Rough, masculine, and just like the bike...well okay so he happened to have a motorbike as well.... But anyway that's besides the point. Calling him Bennett added depth to his character, admit it, you can practically see the primary school bullying with a name like that. Ans simplifying it to Ben or Harley added the masculine edge he needed. Besides allowing her to have her own pet name meant the relationship was special and when they had their major fight he could get angry at her and tell her not to call him it. Now I'm feeling kind of inspired to keep writing that story... i hate when things stall or get put on the back burner for better projects, don't you?

Well anyway i should probably try and get some sleep...will post a teaser later on tomorrow...any requests?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Procrastibaking...Sharing is caring time.

So whenever i'm home alone and I have something important to do, or am simply bored, I cook. So I just thought I'd share a few recipes with you every now and then. This current one is one i found recently and have used twice in the past week...Tip though, under cook them and they're so yummy, chewy and sweet...10-12 mins is the best.

Chocolate Chip cookies

125g butter
½ cup brown sugar
1/3 cup caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 egg
1½ cups self raising flour
¾ cup Milk Chocolate Chips
  1. Preheat oven to 160ÂșC.
  2. Cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy.
  3. Mix in vanilla essence and egg.
  4. Stir in flour until combined.
  5. Add Milk Chocolate Chips.
  6. Place teaspoons of mixture on greased baking tray and bake in moderate over for 10-15 minutes.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teaser Thursday - Soul Bound

[just my favorite conversation from soul bound, names removed to protect identities :P ]

Grabbing my phone from my desk drawer I pressed 2 and waited as the phone rang.
“Talk dirty to me”
“Hey girl, it’s me.”
“Oh yeah baby, you know I like it like that”
“Michael in the room? Why do you have to rib him so much? He’ll get you fired.”
Laughing she reverted back to her normal self, clearly Michael had left the room, probably red from embarrassment. For a police officer he was awfully easy to embarrass.
“He can’t get me fired, besides he probably enjoyed that as much as I did, although I’m betting for a completely different reason.”
“You are so bad.”
“Oh you know you love it. So anyway shugah the oracle is in, speak if you deign to hear the truth.”
“Oracle? Tad high n mighty dontcha think?”
“Hahaha fine. What’s up buttercup? Or are you just going to have a go at me till you feel better?”
“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to have a go at you.”
“I’m just teasing, are you okay, you seem...cranky. Are you missing me too much? Coz I’ll be home tonight to keep you company.”
Man I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed my completely bonkers friend. My soul sister in many aspects she always knew exactly how to cheer me up. Although I had no idea what she was thinking sending Jackson my way.
“You. Me. Gossip sesh. Eden. Tonight.”
“Ooo sounds serious. Jackson came over then?”
“Lemme put it this way, you are going to need a lot of wine to stop me from killing you for this. How could you not warn me?!”
“How could you not call me the second he left?! I’ve been waiting for days, frankly I was starting to think he’d chickened out! Anyway, I’ll swing by Chi’s on the way home, you want your usual?”
“Yep. Sounds good. I’ll be home bout 6. You?”
“Shouldn’t be too late, I’ll see your sweet ass then.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. She was completely insane.
“Hey, before you go.”
“You think he’ll call?”
“You want my personal or professional opinion?”
“Professionally, he profiled as someone who gets what he wants, and since he almost had an embarrassing ‘man-reaction’ when he saw your photo it would appear he wants you bad. Personally, any man who’s seen my gun knows better than to fuck with me and not calling you would be fucking with me, and he seemed smarter than that. Besides he came off as more gentlemanly than that. ”
My mood completely lifted I smiled at her assessment of him. “Man-reaction?”
“Oh god. If I have to explain that one to you then it really has been too long since you got laid!” she sighed dramatically, you could almost picture her shaking her head in disappointment, “Good thing you have a hottie like Jackson Hunt in your future. Crap! Bossman is here, gotta go!”

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Be my Muse?

Do you seize the day and simply wing it? Or work from an outline? Now generally  I wing it, writing simply what comes to mind. However I often worry that I'm forgetting important plot arcs that randomly come to me and my characters can lack depth. If i work from an outline though i feel restricted. Nano is soon and I worry that my idea isn't strong enough. I'm trying to plot out my characters and some plot arcs so i have a rough idea what to write about. I think i'm going to outline but not necessarily follow it, kind of like backup suggestions that can be changed ad my story develops.

Do you write in order...beginning to end? Or write scenes as they come to mind and jump back and forth until the story is complete? I tend to write completely out of order, jumping form one idea to the next, although sometimes i think this makes me lack coherence and depth to my stories. Besides it makes my pace suffer a bit. But writing in order tends to lead to writer's block when I can't figure out how the story should progress. But hey that's just me.

Admittedly I'm only writing this because I'm feeling a bit uninspired, usually i watch supernatural or  read or even beg others for motivation. But atm? I'm feeling stuck. Now I wouldn't call it writer's block but I can't figure out how to fix the ending and pace of my cabin fever story, nor figure out my characters or story arcs for chaos unleashed (which will be my nano story). *Sigh* I hate it when my writing stalls...

So how do you write? And what inspires you? Be my muse? :P

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teaser Tuesday - Navigating Life Without Atlas

Walking into the town’s dingy little pub was always an experience. Thick scents enveloped your skin as you walked through a dense cloud of smoke and beer. Darkness pressed in on you as the men of the town laughed and caroused. Walking to my regular spot I spotted Alyce and slid across the bench opposite her. Her beer was already half empty and the ice in my Diet coke had started to melt.
“I know I’m late. I’m sorry! I got held up at Akeley’s. Did I miss anything?”                                                    
Alyce laughed, a rich throaty sound that clearly meant she forgave my tardiness.
“Monsieur Peters tried to buy me a drink.”
I couldn’t help laughing as my gaze flicked to the portly Mr Peters whose infatuation with Alyce was the joke of the town.
“Again? That’s what, eight times now?”
“Nine. Maybe I should let him, He always looks like a puppy when I turn him down.”
“Ahh but if you say yes to a drink he’ll think you’re saying yes to...other things. And would you really want to wake up next to that?!”
“You never know.  I like a man who’s shorter than me. Maybe he’s the one.”
“She had to say that as I took a sip. I laughed and swallowed at the same time. Coughing and sputtering, coke sprayed across the table, I tried to breathe only to succumb to the giggles once again. When air finally reached my lungs and I could speak without laughing or choking I looked up again.
“Alyce tell me you’re kidding.” She only looked at me smirking. “You have to be joking! Please dear Gods tell me you’re kidding.” Glancing back to Mr Peters who was now picking his nose I shuddered.
“Tell me you’re kidding or else I’m going to give him your number and tell him you’ve been a very bad girl who needs to be punished.”
She gasped feigning shock “You wouldn’t!”
“Try me!”
We laughed, both taking a long drink before resuming our conversation.
“Oh did I tell you Mrs Allen came in today?”
“Did she buy more?”
“Yep another five books!”
“My God five!!! The amount of ‘romance stories’ that woman reads I’m surprised Mr Allen can walk. She must have quite an encyclopaedia up there.”
“Ahh but maybe she reads them because he doesn’t provide what she wants. A woman her age has needs and I guess that’s one way of satisfying them! Besides who can begrudge her a little lady porn???”
“A woman her age shouldn’t be thinking about sex. She’s 73 thats nasty!”
Hysterical laughter broke out as Mr Allen entered the pub. Glancing at us strangely he simply shuffled to a stool and sat down. He ordered the looked at us again, eyebrows raised in such comic confusion that we couldn’t help laughing again.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Giving Love a Chance...

In this fast paced technological world i think true romanticism has been left in the dust. After all it's the little things that count, for example:
 a sweet letter in the mail instead of a boring email
a quick phone call (even a little post-it left where the other person can find it) to say i love you instead of a text
flowers delivered spur of the moment and NOT to make up for doing something wrong
a surprise picnic
Dropping by with food and a movie when we're sick
Even a mix CD of all the songs that you love/make you think of us.

Most girls aren't high-maintenance. We don't expect jewelery or chocolates all the time. We don't need lavish displays of affection. But what we notice are the little spontaneous heartfelt moments because it is truly the thought that counts. We love knowing you're thinking about us when you're at work or out with friends. And i think people underestimate the care that goes into a good mixtape :P well CD anyway...does anyone else miss tapes? :/

Unfortunately it seems the world has become jaded and lonely. Communication is lost, facebook and twitter etc devalue actual conversation, we have hundreds of 'friends' and yet no-one to actually confide in. Minimal close ties with people lead to lonely existences. C'mon admit it, how many close friends do you actually have? 4? 5? Now look 50 years back, people had dozens of friends and they were happier. Now i'm not saying more friends=happiness but i am saying that people were more patient, had a higher resilience and were simply better at communicating. Besides people rarely left their hometowns, hardly travelling far from home. You fell in love with the boy next door or you ended up a spinster. Now there's too much choice so we're all clinging to the ideal of 'the one' too afraid of 'settling' that we'd rather be alone so we can be available when our ideal man shows up. Bullshit. He's not coming, he doesn't exist, deal with it and actually start looking at what's in front of your eyes. Now i'm not saying people should settle if what they have isn't working or they aren't happy. What I am saying is maybe we should take a closer look at what we have, and not be afraid to take a chance...fear 'ruining a friendship'? Give it a shot anyway...if the mutual feelings are there then maybe you're meant to be more than friends...Think about it...

Everyone's so cynical and jaded now...a guy gives you flowers? Must be feeling guilty. Jewelry? Trying his hand at bribery. Flirts with you? Clearly just wants to get laid and you'll do. This is so sad. We need to stop over-thinking things and sometimes just go with it. Second-guessing others and yourself, self doubt and fear will take you nowhere good. We need to give guys a chance, they cant all be dicks. Some might actually think you're hot and want to get to know you. Or feel like being sweet and giving you flowers. Doesn't mean he's a player, or cheating.

Now I know you must be reading this and being like WTH?! She's a romantic at heart? Since when?! But i'm just trying to say that I think we'd all be much happier if we gave people a chance, let them into our hearts. And most of all, stopped letting our heads rule our hearts. Give love a chance people!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

For when love isn't enough...

Did a guest blog about soul mates on a friend's page. Feel free to check it out...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No power in the 'verse can stop me....except low ratings.

Firefly. One of those fantastic shows that are axed before people know enough about it to love it. Stupidly axed before it's time. Firefly, for those who don't know about it, is set five hundred years in the future. A renegade crew aboard a small spacecraft (called Serenity) tries to survive as they travel the unknown parts of the galaxy and evade warring factions as well as authority agents out to get them. Stars Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin , Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Jewel Staite, and Adam Baldwin.

But just because the show is gone doesn't mean that it was bad. Firefly was given little to no advertising and most fans, like me, only knew the show existed after Serenity had come out and the show's been axed. Had the show had a better timeslot and advertising it's fanbase then could've rivaled its fan base now and it never would have been cut. 

This show should never be axed simply based on it's sheer comedic value. The characters have such depth to them but they are absolutely hilarious as well. Their quotes are the most memorable of any TV show i have ever watched...and I've seen a lot!  

Joss Whedon is a master world-builder. I would LOVE to be his friend! The world he has built is futuristic yet simple, contrasting between the high tech Core planets and the outlying low tech outer planets. He's even combined English and Chinese to create a language peppered with words which, whilst you might not know the meaning of, you can totally guess the intent behind it. It allows the most inventive swear words and responses without having to bleep anything out. 
For example in a scene where mal is frustratedly trying to learn medical lines he says:
"Ching-wah TSAO duh liou mahng" which means 'frog humping sonofabitch!' And honestly who doesn't enjoy learning swear words in another language?!

Their fans, aka Browncoats, are rabid and upset about the show's abrupt cancellation that they rose up and forced a movie out of the network. Serenity neatly wrapped up the story but a second season could still fill in many of the holes and keep the fans at bay. Besides with the witty banter, tension between the characters, moral issues with loyalty and crime, cool outfits, and sheer space cowboyish of it leaves plenty of content to be explored. 

So tell me guys, have you watched firefly? Do you think it should have been axed? What other shows do you think were axed before their time?

A few other shows I can think of include Tru Calling, Dollhouse,and Moonlight...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesday - You asked for this....

Since my internet has upped and died on me I'm going to post my teaser early. If you don't watch White Collar, Supernatural, Psych and NCIS you probably aren't going to get this...

Dean Winchester grunted as he was led into a cell by his cuffed wrists. His bruised shoulder aching where the vamp sunk his teeth into his flesh earlier that night. The wiseass navy cop spun him around quickly, removed the cuffs, and made some random reference from what sounded like an old movie. Then Special Agent DiNozzo, or ‘Big D, little i, big N, little ozzo’ as he’d spelt out for Dean’s schoolkid attorney, had smirked and left him there. Alone. With Two pretty boy strangers. Which was weird, the last few times he’s been arrested they’d always been too wary to put him with other people whilst they ran his prints.
“Shawn Spencer. Fake Psychic.” A tanned hand was held out for Dean to shake. He took it warily, eyeing the young man suspiciously.
“Fake psychic?”
“Yeah I used to work for Santa Barbara Police Department. Solved most of their cases till they figured out I was faking. I’m in here for obstruction of justice. Gus’ll get me out soon though. This’ll never stick.”
“Riight. And you are?” Dean turned. Staring down the pretty boy. Who wears a suit in jail?
“Neal Caffrey. Con Man.” Smirking in a way Dean was sure would melt any girl’s panties he held out his hand. Which Dean took neatly filching his watch at the same time.
“Hmm looks like we both had the same idea newbie.” Laughing Caffrey held his hand out, with Dean’s watch dangling from his fingertips.
“You a thief too?”
“Yup. Looks like you are also. So state your name and occupation so we’re all up to date. Maybe we can help each other get out of our respective messes.”
“Hmm you’re smooth Caffrey, I’ll give you that. Fine.” Dean sighed, expelling a large breath of air loudly. Eerily he was beginning to like these brutally honest liars. “Dean Winchester. Hunter.”
“Hunter? Like deer and game?”
Ahh the innocence. Dean turned to Shawn with a deadly expression. “Not exactly. My kind of game is much bigger.”
“Poacher then?” he seemed almost hopeful. Like he half-expected Dean to say he was some kind of serial killer who like to hunt people for fun.
“Wrong again. You know those things that go bump in the night? Monsters. Demons. Ghosts. They’re real and they’re deadly. I hunt them.”

Thursday, September 2, 2010


So it seems ebooks are on the rise. As an aspiring author this fills me with fear and disappointment. more and more books are now being published online instead of printed. Whilst good for the environment I think this sucks! I want (if I ever get published) to be able to hold my book, feel the crinkle of the pages, smell the paper. Most importantly I want to see it in a bookcase, on shelves in the shops, walk past someone on the street and see them reading my book. I want to see a wicked smile on someone's face as they get to a good part in my book, hear them stifle a laugh as they turn the page. You simply don't get that with ebooks. Reading something on a screen is boring, your eyes blur as words melt into each other. It lacks the satisfaction of curling up on the couch with a good book, or sitting under a shady tree in the park. Books are there even if you have a powercut or the battery dies. All you need is a little light and imagination.

And what if, like Dark Angel, there's a worldwide electromagnetic pulse and the internet and computers get wiped out??? Millions of books would be lost and if that awful day ever comes I'd like to still have my bookcase full of friends instead of losing it all. And call me old fashioned but i'd still like to have my own mini library, sliding ladder and all.

Pros - cheap, good for the environment,
Cons- too easily replicated can send to hundreds of people or post online instead of passing the book around to a couple of friends, reading on a screen-boring, cant hold it in your hand and turn the page and feel the realness of it. Cant have it on a bookshelf. stuck if your battery dies or there's a powercut.

Overall ebooks ruin reading. Or at least that's my opinion...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Survey says...

What have you just read?
Dark Lover by JR Ward

What are you reading now?
Lover Eternal by JR Ward (book2)

Do you have any idea what you'll read when you're done with that?
Line of fire by Jo Davis, or Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole

What's the worst thing you were ever forced to read? 
The black echo by Michael Connolly which i eventually finished, Master of the Night by Angela Knight which is didnt finish. Don't hate me...The Hobbit, Animal Farm, Cloudstreet, The Handmaid's tale.

What one book do you always recommend to just about anyone?Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Harry Potter.

Do you read books while you eat?
Yes! All the time. 

While you bathe?
Yup. Though I've dropped more than my fair share in :(

While you watch movies or TV?
Of Course

While you're on the computer?
Depends if noon'e talking
When you were little did other children tease you about your reading habits?People still do. One girl I work with mocks the fact that i read during my break, and a duy i work with laughs because its 'erotica' according to him. 

What's the last thing you stayed up half the night reading because it was so good you couldn't put it down?
Kiss of a demon king by Kresley Cole.

Have any books made you cry
Umm, not that I can recall.