Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teaser Thursday - Soul Bound

[just my favorite conversation from soul bound, names removed to protect identities :P ]

Grabbing my phone from my desk drawer I pressed 2 and waited as the phone rang.
“Talk dirty to me”
“Hey girl, it’s me.”
“Oh yeah baby, you know I like it like that”
“Michael in the room? Why do you have to rib him so much? He’ll get you fired.”
Laughing she reverted back to her normal self, clearly Michael had left the room, probably red from embarrassment. For a police officer he was awfully easy to embarrass.
“He can’t get me fired, besides he probably enjoyed that as much as I did, although I’m betting for a completely different reason.”
“You are so bad.”
“Oh you know you love it. So anyway shugah the oracle is in, speak if you deign to hear the truth.”
“Oracle? Tad high n mighty dontcha think?”
“Hahaha fine. What’s up buttercup? Or are you just going to have a go at me till you feel better?”
“I’m sorry, didn’t mean to have a go at you.”
“I’m just teasing, are you okay, you seem...cranky. Are you missing me too much? Coz I’ll be home tonight to keep you company.”
Man I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed my completely bonkers friend. My soul sister in many aspects she always knew exactly how to cheer me up. Although I had no idea what she was thinking sending Jackson my way.
“You. Me. Gossip sesh. Eden. Tonight.”
“Ooo sounds serious. Jackson came over then?”
“Lemme put it this way, you are going to need a lot of wine to stop me from killing you for this. How could you not warn me?!”
“How could you not call me the second he left?! I’ve been waiting for days, frankly I was starting to think he’d chickened out! Anyway, I’ll swing by Chi’s on the way home, you want your usual?”
“Yep. Sounds good. I’ll be home bout 6. You?”
“Shouldn’t be too late, I’ll see your sweet ass then.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. She was completely insane.
“Hey, before you go.”
“You think he’ll call?”
“You want my personal or professional opinion?”
“Professionally, he profiled as someone who gets what he wants, and since he almost had an embarrassing ‘man-reaction’ when he saw your photo it would appear he wants you bad. Personally, any man who’s seen my gun knows better than to fuck with me and not calling you would be fucking with me, and he seemed smarter than that. Besides he came off as more gentlemanly than that. ”
My mood completely lifted I smiled at her assessment of him. “Man-reaction?”
“Oh god. If I have to explain that one to you then it really has been too long since you got laid!” she sighed dramatically, you could almost picture her shaking her head in disappointment, “Good thing you have a hottie like Jackson Hunt in your future. Crap! Bossman is here, gotta go!”

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