Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Be my Muse?

Do you seize the day and simply wing it? Or work from an outline? Now generally  I wing it, writing simply what comes to mind. However I often worry that I'm forgetting important plot arcs that randomly come to me and my characters can lack depth. If i work from an outline though i feel restricted. Nano is soon and I worry that my idea isn't strong enough. I'm trying to plot out my characters and some plot arcs so i have a rough idea what to write about. I think i'm going to outline but not necessarily follow it, kind of like backup suggestions that can be changed ad my story develops.

Do you write in order...beginning to end? Or write scenes as they come to mind and jump back and forth until the story is complete? I tend to write completely out of order, jumping form one idea to the next, although sometimes i think this makes me lack coherence and depth to my stories. Besides it makes my pace suffer a bit. But writing in order tends to lead to writer's block when I can't figure out how the story should progress. But hey that's just me.

Admittedly I'm only writing this because I'm feeling a bit uninspired, usually i watch supernatural or  read or even beg others for motivation. But atm? I'm feeling stuck. Now I wouldn't call it writer's block but I can't figure out how to fix the ending and pace of my cabin fever story, nor figure out my characters or story arcs for chaos unleashed (which will be my nano story). *Sigh* I hate it when my writing stalls...

So how do you write? And what inspires you? Be my muse? :P

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