Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Teaser Thursday - Soul Bound (adult themes....)

Wrapping a towel turban-style around my hair and another around my torso I padded softly to the balcony. I stood in full view of the street as the cool Parisian air raised goose bumps on my damp skin. I watched as bright lights lit the dark night, tourists and locals mingling in the timeless mating dance of the lonely hearts. Rooted to the spot I watched a young couple giggle and grope as lust overcame them. Sneaking down an alley their intentions were clear. I contemplated looking away but knew deep inside that I’m not that moralistic.

 I watched as his hand moved up her leg, tugging her short skirt even higher. They clung to each other as his hand slid under the material and the expression of sheer pleasure that overcame her was almost intoxicating. Sheltered by the dark balcony I slid a hand underneath the towel, gently massaging my breasts, playing with my nipple until tingles were radiating through my body. Sitting back onto the lone chair I held my towel up with my free hand. The girl had tugged his jeans down his legs and tanned buttocks were clearly visible. He lifted her up so her legs wrapped around his waist and my fingers fluttered down my stomach until they reached the part of me that needed some attention. Sliding a finger along my wet folds I had to hold back a gasp. It’d been too long. As the man in the alley began to move I watched, transfixed. Pumping my fingers inside me, matching the couple’s thrusts was incredibly hot. Here I was, getting off watching others, in the middle of Paris. I moaned quietly as my orgasm hit, biting my lip to keep as quiet as possible. 

The couple yanked their clothes back on and walked off holding hands. My grip loosened on my towel as I kept stroking myself lightly. Cool air hardened my nipples to hard points as a loud wolf whistle rent the air.
“If you’re lonely ma Cherie I could keep you company”

Sheer humiliation twinged as I realised that as I’d been watching the couple someone else had been watching me. Yanking my towel tightly around myself I ducked into my room. I couldn’t get off that balcony quick enough.
“Where ya goin’ baby doll? I was enjoyin’ tha view!”

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