Monday, September 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesday - You asked for this....

Since my internet has upped and died on me I'm going to post my teaser early. If you don't watch White Collar, Supernatural, Psych and NCIS you probably aren't going to get this...

Dean Winchester grunted as he was led into a cell by his cuffed wrists. His bruised shoulder aching where the vamp sunk his teeth into his flesh earlier that night. The wiseass navy cop spun him around quickly, removed the cuffs, and made some random reference from what sounded like an old movie. Then Special Agent DiNozzo, or ‘Big D, little i, big N, little ozzo’ as he’d spelt out for Dean’s schoolkid attorney, had smirked and left him there. Alone. With Two pretty boy strangers. Which was weird, the last few times he’s been arrested they’d always been too wary to put him with other people whilst they ran his prints.
“Shawn Spencer. Fake Psychic.” A tanned hand was held out for Dean to shake. He took it warily, eyeing the young man suspiciously.
“Fake psychic?”
“Yeah I used to work for Santa Barbara Police Department. Solved most of their cases till they figured out I was faking. I’m in here for obstruction of justice. Gus’ll get me out soon though. This’ll never stick.”
“Riight. And you are?” Dean turned. Staring down the pretty boy. Who wears a suit in jail?
“Neal Caffrey. Con Man.” Smirking in a way Dean was sure would melt any girl’s panties he held out his hand. Which Dean took neatly filching his watch at the same time.
“Hmm looks like we both had the same idea newbie.” Laughing Caffrey held his hand out, with Dean’s watch dangling from his fingertips.
“You a thief too?”
“Yup. Looks like you are also. So state your name and occupation so we’re all up to date. Maybe we can help each other get out of our respective messes.”
“Hmm you’re smooth Caffrey, I’ll give you that. Fine.” Dean sighed, expelling a large breath of air loudly. Eerily he was beginning to like these brutally honest liars. “Dean Winchester. Hunter.”
“Hunter? Like deer and game?”
Ahh the innocence. Dean turned to Shawn with a deadly expression. “Not exactly. My kind of game is much bigger.”
“Poacher then?” he seemed almost hopeful. Like he half-expected Dean to say he was some kind of serial killer who like to hunt people for fun.
“Wrong again. You know those things that go bump in the night? Monsters. Demons. Ghosts. They’re real and they’re deadly. I hunt them.”


  1. Yay! It's about time :D I want more!!!!

  2. Ohh interesting mix of characters there.... Can i haz more DiNozzo plz :D

  3. haha i'll do my best to add more tony :D

  4. Neal! Neal! Neal!....maybe a bit of Damon would be nice too:D