Friday, October 15, 2010

Writing Needs

NaBloWriMo Writing prompt:  
Describe your ideal writing setting.  Now--tell us if that's where you do your writing.  In other words, does your current office/nook/den/whathaveyou meet the needs you have as a writer?

Ideal Setting: My ideal setting is hard i guess as I haven't really explored writing in other places. I think i would like a decent solid desk low enough to rest my wrists on but high enough to fit my legs under. A big squishy chair with arm rests and a supportive backrest. A space with enough light to see the keys but not too much to make the screen reflect. I would love a dark, comfortable office where I'm surrounded by books I love and can sit either comfortably in the chair or maybe, for when I'm feeling like a break, on a small sofa or pile of cushions.

What I have: I tend to write on my laptop in my bedroom. Lying flat across my bed or with the lappy on my lap. Both these positions suck, in the former my wrists and back/shoulders ache after a while. In the latter my lappy gets hot, or my arms are too close to my body to type easily. Even now i'm typing this sprawled across my bed despite the fact I have an office. I rarely use it though because my desk is crappy and my chair, whilst great for watching tv, is simply too squishy and big to comfortably type. I'm intending sometime next year after my trip away to start saving up for a new desk and chair so I can redo my office into a haven. 


  1. (this was actually posted on friday!!! Not thursday!!!)

  2. I don't think I could write in bed. It's the leg thing for me. I need to be at a desk to write on a laptop, go figure. Lol. iPads are great, but not for writing a lot, because I'm used to a full keypad. I like your ideal writing area!

  3. im my next post im going to explore the ideal writing area a bit more fully :D