Saturday, October 9, 2010

New shows I'm Loving Right Now

So I honestly have no idea what i'm going to blog about today. So i might just mention a few of my new favourite shows
1. Hawaii Five-O.
Now with the seriously sexy Alex O' Loughlin as a main character i know i was going to love this remake of the classic Tv show. But its actually really good. Fast action with deep emotional connections and one helluva cast this skyrocketed up my top fav TV show list after the FIRST episode. That should demonstrate exactly how great this show is.

2. Nikita.
An ex-assassin trying to take down the rogue government agency that trained her, Nikita is a fierce fighter and has a rather interesting chemistry with Michael played by Shane West (from A Walk to Remember). Now this is another remake but i think of movie, not sure  but who cares? With the help of a pretty girl with a troubled past Nikita attempts to undermine Division at any cost. I like it. :)

3.No ordinary Family

A family who after a plane crash on a family trip develop superpowers and try to cope with old family issues and new ability issues. Each person in the family has their own problems to deal with, Dad think he isn't needed, Mum has too little time to be a part of family life, the kid with a learning disorder thinks he's stupid, and the girl just wants to fit in. All off this is brought sharply into focus with the inclusion of new abilities and crime solving. Its a sweet look into a family dynamic and I think it's only going to get better.
4. Hellcats

Directed by Tom Welling, this look into a law student who tries to stay in school by getting a cheer leading scholarship. It's funny and fresh with some really school moves and basically follows the cheerleaders as they try to maintain their funding + keep their scholarships by placing at some competition, whilst also struggling with infighting, family dysfunction, hectic schedules and love life drama. I really like it because its how the new girl joins the team and struggles to be accepted whilst remaining who she is and the pitfalls and rises that come with it.
5. Undercovers
Now I've only seen one ep of this, but I liked it and will be watching more. From what i gather two ex spies married and left the biz, instead opening a catering place. When an old mutual friend goes missing they're both called back to 'serve their country' (ugh how american) They have to deal with their past coming back to bite them as well as maintaining their marriage and completing missions. There also seems to be some kind of conspiracy. 


  1. The new Hawaii Five-O is great. I really dig Undercovers, too. Heard that the ratings are lagging for that show, though, so it might be pulled soon.

  2. ive been wanting to watch undercovers but havent gotten around to it.

  3. Ahhh...Hawaii Five-0!!!! Mmmhhhh....Alex O'Loughlin :P:P