Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Movies I cant live without (3)

So in case you didn't notice I added something new to my blogs, a reaction bar, basically just click on it to say whether or not you think im full of shit or actually made some good points. Should help me figure out if i'm making sense :P Now to todays post...

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)
Starring Dennis Quaid, jake Gyllenhaal, and Emmy Rossum
Sudden weather changes disrupt the world as we know it as the Earth is plunged into a new Ice age. A climatologist tries desperately to reach his son in New York.

Why I like it:
1) Well despite a period where i strongly avoided this movie (please don't ask) I've always loved it. It's my go to movie when I'm studying, I've seen it so many times I practically know all the words. Why? Who knows. Its uplifting and great to see other freeze whilst you're warmly in bed (not that i'm a horrible person). I've seen it so many times i can lose focus and still no what's going on.

2) Jake Gyllenhaal's performance. Well not only is he awesome and totally hot but he was cute in a young almost looks the age he's supposed to be way. Plus the moment where his friend is stating how much of a nerd he is and jake is asleepish he half smiles is so cute. Positively dreamy :) Plus he gets shirtless :P And it's cute to see him all jealous and love-struck

3)The semi happy ending depsite the death of millions tugs at the heartstrings and is so uplifting despite the political role reversal aspects of the final scene. I wont give away too much here.

4) The special effects are brilliant. It actually looks like a wall of water rushing towards NYC and it actually looks like people are being swept up. Brilliant if i do say so myself.

5) Love triangle. Whilst it's easily resolved once disaster strikes I actually really like the way she has no idea about jake's characters' feelings for her. How she completely misses the jealousy but his other friend just thinks it hilarious that his competition is richer and more attractive than him. Its a really funny scene in the school's cafeteria.

So I really recommend this movie, I'm gunna give it 4.5 stars out of 5!


  1. So, is it totally pathetic I've never heard of this movie? LOL. Sounds interesting, though.

  2. Not totally pathetic, go see it!!!! rent it or something :D

  3. Awesome movie...especially when you watch it while you're supposed to be doing assignments!