Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fashionably late..

Fashionably late: "Depending on the type/style of the event fashionably late can also range from 5 minutes (to a dinner date or a small gathering) to 45 minutes-1 hour (21st parties ) This time frame, or 'cushion', allows enough other people to have already arrived so that it is not only the birthday person and their parents in attendance and also conveys the possibility that you have come from a previous engagement" - Urban Dictionary

The whole idea of fashionably late bothers me. As someone who likes to be on time I hate it when other people aren't. 5-10 mins is okay but any longer and i'll start getting cranky. Whether its just for meeting up to go to the movies or going to a party being late bothers me. It's so annoying, the concept of fashionably late, because whoever is organising the party still has to be ready for whatever time they said the party starts even though most people wont turn up for ages. And those people who do get there ontime end up feeling like total losers because noone else is there. And those who organised the party? Still have that residual fear that no one is coming. Or that the party will suck for ages.

So i don't know why I thought of this today. Or why it even ended up as a rant in todays post. but what i do know is that ranting just makes me more annoyed instead of being the cathartic release of pent up aggression :/

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  1. What's with the positive-negative-positive reactions available? Where's the 'not-sure-if-want' option!

    Also, as someone who generally is 'fashionably late', it's just an excuse for not being ready on time.