Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exhausted. But hey i had fun right?

So last night I went out, and kind of got roped into drinking despite the fact I was driving...but dont worry I made sure I sobered up before I drove home). So now I've slept very badly and for a teeny weeny bit of time. I feel like crap, my head hurts and i've got that i'm hungry but feel sick...the tail end of a hangover feeling. But i'm not actually hungover. Not fair.  really want to call in sick but I feel so bad about it that you know I'm going to end up going in working for a couple of hours then asking to go home. Maybe. If I can work up the guts. It's kinda of weird how chicken I can be sometimes.

But still, despite how late I got home, I actually had a really good time last night. I can't believe I'd forgotten how much fun Ride The Bus is, although not the new rules version :/

And yes this blog is pretty much just me whining. there really is no point to it except to be an actual post for Nanoblowrimo...

Also this guy is pretty cool, check out his blog...he has a free giveaway if that makes it more appealing...


  1. Hey, thanks for mentioning my giveaway. I'm curious though ... this post is for Friday. I didn't mention my giveaway until today (Sunday). Can you see the future?

  2. Ahh totally. Nah I went back and added it coz i'd already posted todays and it didnt fit in with that. Besides i didnt want to forget adding it in to tomorrows so i figured id add it here.

    But i can be psychic if you want :P