Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shag, Marry, or Kill: the TV edition

A lot of TV shows have teams, groups or partners that are basically the main characters. So since I'm procrastinating I'm gunna pick a few and play a little game with myself, I'm sure you all know the game SMK. basically you're given three names and you have to say which you'd shag, which you'd marry, and which you'd kill.  I'll put an S, M, or K, in brackets next to whichever person I'd do the action to.

1. Psych.        Shawn (S) and Gus (K)
2. White Collar.        Neal (M), Peter (S), Moz (K)
3. Angel.         Angel, Spike (S), Gunn (K), Doyle (M), Wesley
4. Hawaii Five-O.      Steve (M), Danno (S), Chin (K)
5. Haven.        Nathan (M), Duke (S)
6. CSI Miami.     Eric Delko (K), Ryan Wolfe (S), Jesse Cardoza (M)
7. NCIS.      Gibbs(K), Tony (M), McGee (S)
8. The Mentalist.       Patrick Jayne (S), Wayne Rigsby (M), Kimball Cho (K)
9. Smallville.        Clark (M), Oliver (S), Lex (K)
10. NCIS LA.      Eric (M), Callen (K), Nate (S)

So you agree? or think I have issues and need therapy? Pick different people? Sound off in the comments below!

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