Friday, October 29, 2010

Things I hate about Christmas

Christmas carols= annoying jingles that get STUCK in you're head for days at a time

Present Shopping. Buying books for other people...i hate it. i know what I like but what about what they like? Then there's the awful question of what if they don't like the authors I adore? For example I love sherrilyn Kenyon's series, so I recommended them to friends but then I get concerned, it confuses me when people don't love the authors the same way I do. I mean I get that people have different opinions but it sucks when people don't love things the way i do, stupid differing opinons :(

And if you don't buy them books what do you get them? It's so hard to be personal/thoughtful/a totally awesome present giver when you are expected to give heaps of people presents. What if you don't know them well enough? And how much should you spend on a casual friend/bestfriend/ family member? What if you have no money. Then there's the horrible what if they spend more than me and i look like a cheapskate? Or what they spend so much less than you did and you feel underappreciated. I know it's about the thought not the cost in theory, but in reality if there's a drastic difference in price between presents it hurts a bit. Stupid I know but true nonetheless.

Family issues. Once my parents divorced Christmas began to suck. My mum and sister would fight all the time. My dad made it clear he didn't care if he saw us on Christmas or not. My Dad and my Mum couldn't talk to each other in order to decide what my sister and i would do. It all sucked, leaving me feel strained and battered, and a tad neglected.

Christmas Cards. People never send them anymore. Why not?! I love getting cards in the post and I send heaps but get 2 at the most :( Send more cards peoples!

Christmas In Australia. It's just not right. Too hot. Too many flys. Not enough snow and roaring fires like it's supposed to be, or used to be in England

Christmas isn't that far away guys, better get thinking about pressie shopping!!!


  1. Many people hate Cmas jingles. I love them! And buying books as gifts is a fab idea but reader taste is something that's hard to pin down. Good luck. And I never have snow on Christmas. Just always a month AFTER :(

  2. I love Christmas carols.

    If you hate giving gifts to other people, don't.
    If you hate buying books for other people, don't.
    If you are worried about your friends not liking their gifts, give them, with an envelope with a receipt in, so that they can change it.

    If people don't love things the way you do, it means more good stuff for you. It means that you can eat the chocolate cake, when your friend eats the strawberry shortcake and another one eats lemon meringue pie :-D

    Ask your friends to write you a 10 item gift wish list, with things in the price class you are prepared to spent (and give them yours).

    You can also give gift cards to book store, and make it a personalized envelope, card, pocket or something like that. Or attach the gift card on a book mark :-D

    You are not to use more than 10% of your monthly income to buy presents to people.

    So if you get 3000 dollars a month and you need to get presents for 20 people, you shouldn't be using more than some 15 dollars a gift.

    Expecting you to use more would be greedy. You are not a cheapskate if you use 10% of your income (what ever it is). (It goes for the gifts you receive as well.)

    "you don't know them well enough"? Why would you get a present to someone you don't know? *sigh* Give gift cards. Give something with their name on. Give a key ring with their initial on.

    What if you have no money? There's plenty of stuff you can MAKE without needing to use much money. Most of it is not rocket science. ANYONE can do it.

    If you feel under-appreciated because someone gives you a gift much less valuable as the one you gave him/her, don't give him/her anything the next year. Or give the person a bookmark.

    Tell your mother and sister BEFORE Christmas not to fight on Christmas, and give them a list of 20 things they can do in stead of fighting, like counting to 100, or counting to 100 in a foreign language, or counting your blessings.
    Tell them to begin with by writing a list of 20 things they like about Christmas, and why they want to celebrate it (and repeat it to themselves on Christmas, so as not to fight). If they can't, they shouldn't celebrate it.

    Send Christmas cards two weeks before Christmas and put your address on them. More likely people will send you one back.

    Take a vacation to Northern Hemisphere in Christmas. It costs some 2000 dollars to fly to Canada over Christmas. Don't buy any presents but a ticket to Canada over Christmas.

    P.S: I have Asperger's... I can be a little too literal at times ;-)

    Hugs, and I wish you'll have the best Christmas ever :-D Everyone deserves that ;-)