Monday, October 11, 2010

And they all lived happily ever after...

So today I finished my 'emergency' book. Its basically a book i always keep in the car for the times that i ditch uni and go hang out somewhere and read. It was yet another harlequin one, my emergency is always a harlequin one, dunno why. But anyway I finally managed to finish it. And once again it kinda made me angry. here's why:
1) The ending was too easy. After all the build up and the dramatic 'do they love each other'-ness, all the 'can they deal with their issues to fall for each other' tension. Then it just ended so fast with him deciding that revenge wasnt important anymore and her deciding that she loved him more than her career or her dad. and suddenly badabing badaboom they were deciding to get married and have babies. completely disregarding the fact he didnt want kids or anything. Romance endings are just TOO easy.
2) Too fast. Once again the story spanned about 2 weeks. In two weeks they met, they fought, they fell madly in lust, they had sex and decided they loved each other and wanted a future together. In real life relationships that are this intense this fast are doomed to die. And seriously what self-respecting girl wants to marry a guy you've only known 2 weeks?!
3) Blaze harlequins are the only ones I like. Simply because without the sex the rest are just lame.

Now don't get me wrong I love romance stories, but sometimes I think they portray something that simply diesn't exist. makes a girl feel that if she isn't caught up in a whirlwind romance with a proposal after 2 weeks then the relationship isnt going anywhere. The plots are too typical with no real twists. You know exactly how it will end after 2 pages, its sad and predictable. Predictable =boring

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