Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I hate.....

 People who drive waaay under the speed limit when there is no valid reason drive me crazy. Today I got stuck behind a car doing 40km in an 80km zone when there was no-one in front of him and no possible way for me to overtake him. To some extent i understand driving below the speed limit but when people drive WAY under it's ridiculous and unfair to other drivers.

And speaking of driving, people who dont indicate when turning on a roundabout. It drives me insane when people look like they're going straight then turn right in front of you cutting you off. Ugh!!!

 People who cancel plans with you minutes before you're supposed to meet up. If you gotta get out of plans with me give me ENOUGH warning that i can find something else to do so Im not left abandoned. :( Its mean

Hiccups...I get them so often and they can really hurt!

I seem to have developed this way of typing or writing which ends up with my letters all muddled.  It gets all confusing and things never come out the way i intend to :( Its really frustrating!


  1. Okay the first 3 really do annoy me, esp. ppl who are always late or cancelling plans. Sometimes people just don't answer the phone when you're trying to confirm and that sucks even more.

  2. yeah they take hours to reply to texts confirming plans when u dont have that long till you're supposed to meet. that really annoys me too!!!