Monday, March 28, 2011

Colour me talentless

I wish I could draw, or sing, or even write better. I have this urge to draw something, I see it in my head but it will never come out on paper. I see a man pinning a woman to the wall. He has her hands pressed tightly above her head in one hand whilst the other is stroking her hair.Their thighs are intertwined with his thigh between hers pressing her against the wall. Their faces are mere inches away from each other. In my mind its both a mix of primal dominance and passion with just a hint of sweetness.Yet I just can't seem to figure out how to get it on paper. And that really bothers me.

As for singing, now I love belting out the lyrics to a song when im alone in my car, but truth is I'm awful. So bad I actually laugh at myself when im alone!!! I'm literally ashamed of how bad my singing is! But it's not going to stop me from turning the volume up super loud and singing my little lungs out (When i'm ALONE)

However I have taken some pretty cool photos this year, like this one of the Bayou

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