Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smutty storytime

"Women too have their pornography: Harlequin romances, novels of 'sweet savagery,' - bodice-rippers."

So lately I've been getting into historical romances, I blame S for lending me a book that started this whole thing... When Harry met Molly. This book was incredible, it was cute, quirky, funny but most of all it managed to do all of this and have scenes that were sexy as hell. Ones that make you bite your lip when you're reading it and consider ways to incorporate all the naughty things into your life. Because of this book I've began amassing a collection of historical romances trying to find some that are both cute and sexy without being overly predictable. I've found a few authors I like,Kieran kramer, Alexandra Hawkins, Michelle marcos, but would appreciate any recommendations...
I'm loving the bodice rippers and It's kind of influenced my backgrounds for my laptop.
My next one.... 
My Current one.....


  1. I don't know what's up with the dude's hair in the 1st photo, but the 2nd photo looks...primal :)

  2. It does look a little off aye? but i like the second photo, mostly because of the way she's clawing his back. It's kinda hot