Sunday, June 5, 2011

If wishes were like flowers I'd like....

- Flowers. Noone's ever given me flowers before.
-Guys to be able to tell what your hints mean.
-People to be more thoughtful with their gift giving, not just relying on something predictable like alcohol as a gift, especially when the receiver barely drinks. For my 18th i got heaps of alcohol. I drank NONE of it, shows how much you know me people :/
-A claddagh ring for my birthday. I used to have one but my sis dropped my tv on it and smooshed it. I'd really love another one so that i could show the world in a teeny tiny way that my heart belongs to another. Plus the whole thing is a sign of friendship, love and loyalty and that seems like such a beautiful thing to me.
- To rediscover lost abilities. Namely baking, but also pool and drawing.
-My sis to have her baby, she's now 5 days overdue and i'm tired of waiting for the news that she's gone into labour!
-Starburst. This might only make sense to a few of my followers but it bothers me greatly that I have yet to achieve this. it seems that those who can don't appreciate or desire it nearly as much as those who cant, it seems to be one of those 'weak know the true value of strength' things (yeah i watched the captain america trailer earlier :P )


  1. People don't appreciate the power of the simple flower, it doesn't even have to be from the shop, a nice one from the garden, the thought counts, it really does :)

    xx Alyce

  2. It's so true. Something pretty and bright can cheer up the worst of days and even just fresh picked from someone's garden is lovely!

  3. What would your preference be with flowers? By the dozen, or one perfect one?

    I tend to go the one perfect rose route, I'll spend ages in the florist, sometimes even several, to find the one that looks and smells the best. I like to think that time and effort comes across.

    Phil xox

  4. One perfect. I have a glass rose in a vase on the bookcase in my room, its so pretty despite the broken stem (it barely survived america). Just one flower is always good :) it doesn't even have to be perfect, just alive :P