Monday, August 30, 2010

Political Bullshit

Politics in Australia...what crap. Over a week since the election and still no results announced? But hey, who can blame Australians over being unsure who to vote for when our choice is between a tool and a twat. Tony Abbott really? Not only is the guy a moron but his policies suck. Stop the boats? Are 'boat-people' even THAT big of an issue? We get like 50 boats a year with what 20 people? 30? In a country the size of Australia does a couple of hundred immigrants matter? Compared to how many immigrants (like me) who come into the country legally? And this is Australia afterall aren't we at least pretending to be multicultural/multiracial? Can't we give them a chance to escape to somewhere that wont lock them back up?! Ugh Christians can be dicks too...this day and age people should be allowed to love whomever they want without the government restricting them. You don't have to be gay to hate the laws restricting same-sex marriages. Love is love regardless of gender.

And Gillard? Well whilst giving her props for being Australia's first female prime minister I can't help but dislike the way the party backstabbed Rudd. I mean he was useless but it's hard to vote for a party that betrays one of its own. But screw it, she got my vote just by being female and an athiest.

Seriously though, hurry up and announce the results or give us new people to vote for!

Anyway enough about politics. It's not exactly a subject I know much of but what little i do know bugs me.

Currently watching the emmys, don't know why but I'm being all girly and judging people's outfits. It doesn't happen often but sometimes i like to let my inner fashion bitch out and judge away! Can you blame me though? Think I'll do a teaser for you guys tomorrow...any preferences that you'd like to read?


  1. hahaha..... mhmm Politics is a pain, they both suck as you said

    My preference is for Cabin Fever :D

  2. Ditto to the politics - Sick of this so much now, wish they would just shut up already.

    Australia just whines and carries on far too much about our government - No one will ever please everyone.

  3. Besides this is australia! What difference can our govt make?

  4. hey check the australian national anthem we have boundless planes to share..... share people let with the sharing... boat people are suck a small issue.

    and i have to agree i am a little disappointed in the way we got our first female prime minister. in 50 year when kids are studying it at school it a sad story to tell.