Sunday, December 5, 2010

So you had a bad day...

So today I found out that a girl I thought was nice had been calling me fat behind my back, I'm not so much hurt by the fact that she thinks I'm fat; clearly she has her own body image issues that shes forcing onto me because it's easier. But I am bothered by her bitching. Having never done anything against her it confuses me as to why she felt the need to attack , i thought we were friends. Clearly we're not. I'm not one of those people that feels the need to monitor what I eat and bemoan every calorie. I like food and I eat what I want, whatever. Yeah I have days when I feel fat but I rarely hate myself the way she does. But you know what, I'm relatively happy. And I don't like it when people fuck with that. 

I also had another fight with my Dad over something that i said months ago. I'd hoped he'd have gotten over it. Clearly he hasn't. Yes I was in the wrong, but so was he. I shouldn't have to take full blame for the breakdown of our relationship. You don't care anymore then fine, whatever. But I'm sick of trying to fix it. So fucking sick of it so I give up. You'll either get over yourself and accept that you've been an absentee Dad and try n fix it or you wont. Up to you Dad. No wonder all my FMC have Daddy issues. 

I'm so tired. Work, a social life, and sleep, seems losing any of of these sucks. If I dont work then I have no money. If I dont have a social life I'm bored. If I don't sleep I'm cranky as hell and both work and my social life suffer. So I've decided sleep is important! Lots and lots of sleep in the next few days before I have work again methinks. 

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