Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now what?

So Nano is over. Finally. I managed to drag myself over the finish line by writing 20 000 words in four days. Which btw...seriously hard! And yeah I know my story sucks. And I know it needs a lot of work but you know what? I'm impressed with myself. i said I was going to do something and I did it. So I'm proud of myself.

It was hard, at the beginning of the month study for exams got in the way. In the middle of the month and towards the end work and a seriously hectic social life intervened. And yet I didn't have to give up anything and i still managed to get my work done. I feel...accomplished. So yay. My story isn't finished but for now I need a rest, Christmas is approaching fast n I have stuff to do, but once cards and presents are done I'll be committing to completing Chaos Unleashed. Maybe one day you'll see it on the shelves somewhere...under a penname of course.

So I'm finally able to blog regularly again, promise :P Sorry about my little hiatus! Forgive me?