Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teaser Tuesday - Chaos Unleashed

So I'm way behind, but here you go, this is a scene where Chaos has just injured herself and Blake has taken her to her 'home' where Isis healed her. It's a thought/experiencing opening to a chapter rather than a conversation. Let me know what you think

Softness caressed her skin. There was no pain, she felt safe and comfortable where she was. Smiling gently her eyes flickered open. The soft first rays of the rising sun dappled the walls with yellow tinged warmth as the birds began their daily wakeup call. She was in her bed at headquarters, its supporting hardness a contrast to the squishy pillow she was currently wrapped around. Her cheek was pressed into the satiny material her arms holding it close as her knee rested on the end, she was stretched out on her side like usual but something felt off. Not in a bad way or any sense of wrongness, something just felt different. Rolling away from the wall she faced her eyes scanned her room. At the foot of her bed with his head resting on her mattress and his body slumped forward in a chair was Blake Sullivan.

Asleep he looked vulnerable, the strong protective facade melted away to show the man beneath the cop. The faded lines around his eyes and the dark circles beneath them seemed less obvious as he slept deeply, he seemed almost innocent. Yet even in sleep a frown creased his forehead and his mouth was tight. Chaos wanted so badly to kiss away his troubles and snuggle against him as he slept. She’d felt safe when she woke up. She never felt safe at headquarters. This wasn’t her home and never would be. So why had she felt safe? The only thing different was him. He made her feel safe. It had to be part of their bond, a side effect perhaps. It couldn’t be him. The very idea of her past and profession disgusted him. They were total opposites and once this was over she would take so much of his life from him, remove any idea that he’d ever met her. Wipe herself from his mind once more. So why did that idea hurt more than freeing her gift had? It couldn’t possibly be feelings...could it?

Oh yeah, she was so scrubbed if anyone found out about this. Feelings were bad. Other agents would try to use him against her, leverage his life for power. And GIRM? Well they would just eliminate him. Distractions from their mission were not tolerated. Whatever she felt for him, whatever was growing between them had to be snubbed out now. Terminated at the source. From now on she would give no inclination of her feelings for him. Strictly professional.

But he just looked so adorably sexy lying there. She wanted him on her bed more often. And hopefully in a more conscious state. Something about him screamed sex god and it wasn’t just his sheer hotness. He moved with the grace and power of a predator, and she was his willing prey. He spoke with the authority of someone who was used to being obeyed and wasn’t she just dying to let him dominate her. Let him decide what she can and cannot do. Order her to do the things she was yearning for with the confidence of an alpha male. She wanted an equal, someone to share the responsibility and power with. Someone who could take her crap and call her on it, dominate her but let her dominate him. A power play that could fuel her desire for years. And she sensed he was it. Blake was the first man who’d ever been challenging, Alpha enough that she hungered for his touch, the feel of his body moving against hers.

She craved the sensuality that dripped from him promising a pleasure beyond anything she’d ever seen or experienced. He moaned slightly in his sleep as he shifted against the bed and Chaos knew she wanted to hear him moan her name as she screamed his. Hear her name roll of his tongue like a loving caress or a groan of desperation. He was a toy she would give anything to play with.

So why couldn’t she? If she kept feelings out of it and trusted her team no one would have to know. One night. They could have one blissful night together and it would only be frowned upon if discovered. He wouldn’t be killed, and if she altered his memories she wouldn’t be scrubbed. One night together was all she could dare. She knew that it would be worth any consequence that followed and she had to experience the promise of his touch. The chemistry was burning her alive. Maybe if it ran out of fuel she could focus enough to get Probie back. Tonight. She needed him too badly to wait any longer. They were running out of time. She would seduce him into her bed for one night of no-strings attached, mutual release of desire tonight. It was all she could offer him. Not that he would remember any of it. And didn’t that just suck. 

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