Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hey guys, sorry I've been so slack with updating this. But with NaNoWriMo and studying for exams, and work, it's kind of slipped my mind. My bad. Forgive me?
Nano's going well, I tried to add a little widget that let you guys see my wordcount except I couldn't figure it out, it kept saying 0 which made me sad :P Still trying to give my male lead a name I like. Maybe you guys can help. meet Homicide Detective _______, he's tall and manly, with blue expressive eyes, spiky dark hair,  buff and sexy. He's strong and brave, unerringly observant, and fiercely protective. He desperately needs a good name!!

Studying...well it sucks. It's hard to concentrate and if i wanted to read this stuff id've gone to my lectures. As it is I can do well enough to pass the multiple choice its the short answer i worry about. I dont know anything in enough depth for it. :(

Work. So I may have gotten a new job, not sure yet. But hopefully I'll get enough hours to quit KFC, I want the permanent casual job, so that if i do quit I have a job after Christmas. So here's hoping I get it. Otherwise I'll have to see if I can convince Michelle to let me stop working at KFC then come back around march...


  1. Naming main characters can be difficult - I sometimes go to online dictionaries of baby names to find one that's appropriate. You might try that if you're still stuck.

  2. I have, I've been through heaps but I can't find any that I like enough