Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not even halfway yet

So I'm way behind as a result of taking a few days off around exams. Catching up now though at 22 000 words when I should be at 27 000 so it's still achievable. Here's a conversation I wrote today.

“Blake and I are going to visit some of the places we knew he was last at. See if I can figure out where he’ll go next. Maybe the cop will see something we’ve missed.”
“Would you stop calling me the cop?!”
“Would you rather I call you by Isis’s nickname for you?”
“Do I want to know what it is?”
“You wouldn’t!”
“I would!”
“Well what is it?”
“Isis calls you Officer Dreamy. Probie preferred Officer Steamy.”
Isis gasped, heat spreading across her cheeks as she covered her face with her hands.
“I can’t believe you told him.”
“Hahaha well that’s flattering. You’re quite pretty yourself Doc.”
“Ah ah ahhh hands off cop. She’s far too young for you.”
“Yeah besides Kae wants you for herself!”
“Well if we’re being honest might as well but you in the hot seat too.”
“Payback’s a bitch.”
“Just like you.”
“Girls are you going to have to play nice or will I have to separate you?”
“Don’t you want us together Officer? Or are we too much for you to handle?” Chaos smiled flirtily, running the backs of her fingers softly up his arm. Shivers raced across his skin and sparks flew between them at the contact. Oh yeah she was way overdue for some fun.
“Chaos play nice. The poor man doesn’t know how to handle you.”
“Oh I know how to handle her just right don’t you worry.”
Chaos bit her lip at the promise in his heated gaze. He would know exactly what to do to make her burn, hell just being this close to him and she was smouldering with need. Isis was pretending to fan herself as she faked a swoon.
“Ooh boy the heat you two are throwing off is enough to make a girl melt. Get a room!”
“We’re in a room Isis.”
“Ooh maybe I should leave you alone then.”
“ Normally I’d say fuck yes, hell I would be ripping his clothes off with my teeth and you could either join in or leave.”
“We have work to do.”
“Fuck.” Blake groaned, expelling a heated rush of breath.
“Later perhaps.” Chaos met his gaze noting the shared intensity, oh yeah they weren’t going to last much longer before they got all naked and sweaty. His white-knuckled grip on the back of the chair betrayed him, he wanted her too. So hard the chair was creaking under his grip. 

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