Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Teaser Tuesday - Chaos Unleashed

This is a conversation between my FMC Chaos, and the 'Intern' with her team, Probie.

“Where was victim two found?”
“She was bound to one of those giant statues you see around.”
“Do I want to know what statue?”
“Some statue of a soldier on a chariot pulled by horses. The poor girl was found with legs stretched out tied to the horses leg and a chariot wheel. Her arms bound to the horse's mane and the soldiers neck”
“Yep, the rope attached to the soldier’s outstretched arm.”
“And this statue?”
“In the middle of a busy shopping centre. How he got in, evaded cameras, carrying a girl, strung her up and left without getting caught I have no idea. Crazy he may be but you have to admit he is good.”
“You sound like you respect him.”
“In some aspects I do. The guy has skills. He’s a bloody good assassin. Shame he’s killing civilians and putting us all at risk. Stupid media.”
“So you respect him but you don’t respect what he’s doing?”
“Fuck no. The guy is a chauvinistic, jerktastic ass with stalker and sexual harassment tendencies. I want him dead with every fibre of my being. The very fact that he is a good assassin makes him a bad person.”
“Would you not describe yourself as a good assassin?”
“Oh I am damn good at what I do, and I have no illusions. I am not a good person, do not presume to think otherwise.”

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