Monday, October 31, 2011

Teasing Taste of Things to come

Nano starts in just over two hours. Blank mind, blank slate. Vaguely concerning but here goes. Will be posting snippets of my writing here so keep an eye out. Just a little taste for my loyal followers, here's something I wrote recently.

The sound of attempted silence in the library was deafening as people shifted and pages rustled around her. She was bored by her work, the words in front of her blurring mindlessly, she’d read this page ten times already and still she had no idea what it said. She was decided, it was time to play. Her boyfriend sat next to her, comfortably absorbed in a book, he had no idea how uncomfortable he was about to get.
A sly grin spread across her lips as all sorts of naughty ideas sprung to mind. She was going to see just how far she could push the limits. Her eyes still on the page she pretended to read as her hand snaked out to rest on his knee. He didn’t even flinch as her fingers began to trace a soft torturously slow path along the seams of his jeans, moving higher and higher before slipping back down. Looking through her lashes she frowned, again no response. Pressing harder she began to scrape her nails across the material and was satisfied with a quiet growl.

“Having fun there?”
“Shh. No talking in the library remember.”
Grinning she blew him a kiss and turned the page. Beginning her pretend reading once more she shifted her chair closer and lay her hand directly atop his hardening cock. She squeezed lightly her nimble fingers unzipping him easily.
“What are you doing? We’re in public.”
“I know. And i think it’s fairly obvious what I’m doing.” 

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