Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNo Log Day 1

Current word count: 2680

Progress Report : So I had no clue what to write when I started at midnight. But now the rough formation of an idea has started. And I've been writing all day. I aim to get as much done this week as I can because exams are coming up and that will cut into my writing time. I'll also struggle to get much done on weekends coz of work and the bf. So I need to keep up the pace in order to finish in time. Aim to hopefully reach 3500 by tonight.

The first bit I wrote:

Sometimes you have a plan, a list of things to do and the idea of how to do it. But then again, if you’re a girl like me, your plan never quite works out the way you want it to. After all this wasn’t what I wanted. My hints to the guy of my dreams about a romantic trip away had fallen flat on its face. The plane tickets I’d found taped to the underside of his underwear drawer were first class to Fiji. Wonderful. But neither of the names on the tickets were mine. Not so wonderful. So who the hell was Vicki Linden? And why was she going to Fiji with my boyfriend?!


  1. Wow, great wordage! I managed 1842 and then my creativity, and my eyes, dried up (yeah, sorry, that's disgusting - but my contacts were killing me!). If I can stay in front of the 1666 per day I'll be delighted.
    I love your opener, too!

  2. Thanks :D my story gets dark pretty quick but i hope to lighten it up