Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNo no more

So I've not really being enjoying Nano this year. My story is not good, in fact it's down right shit. I don't love any of it. And since I'm not having fun I've decided to pull out. No more NaNo for me. Here's one of the better bits from my story for old time's sake but aside from one or two scenes i saved the rest is getting deleted.

“Other people use machines but I think the best pasta can happen when you put the most love into it, when you use your hands rather than letting machines do the work. Roll it nice and thin and you can turn it into anything. Pasta dough is incredibly, what do you call it? Versatile? It can become ravioli, spaghetti, you can make it into shapes or fill it with anything. Pasta is only limited by your creativity and imagination. I’ve always thought of pasta to be similar to love, it is stronger when you bash it with a rolling pin, can fall apart quickly if you leave it in hot water too long, and can be whatever you make of it. Do you understand dear?”

“Boys too are like pasta, sometimes bashing them with pins is the best part. Sometimes they should be left in boiling water until they fall apart. I am so sorry my dear for what you went through, but not all men are like that. Some would rather die than hit a woman and have good souls. You will find someone who will make you realise nothing else matters but your love for him and his for you. You too have a good heart. I see it.”

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  1. Hi There,
    I am happy to write on your blog, although I am uncertain that you are the C.B. I am searching for. Quite possibly not, but it doesn't hurt to ask. HA.... you think YOUR life has been strange, Ya just never know..... but, did you ever know an older man who went into trance and a Princess speak through him.... like I said... how much strange do you Know? Perhaps I will hear from you.... then again, perhaps not. Which ever, I wish you a wonderful life and that pasta, Yum, I'll be waiting for dinner.