Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNo Log Day 7 - I said kiss me!

Word count to be on par: 11666
Aim for the end of tonight: 12000
Current wordcount: 11500

So I've been falling behind because of work and boyfriend this weekend, been trying to catch up today and if I can get further and further ahead during the week it shouldnt matter if I can't write much on the weekends. Now officially past the 1/5th mark and my story is getting fleshed out a bit. Catherine my FMC is currently in Venice having a one night stand with a sexy local called Daniel.

Sliding off the stool I put my empty glass back on the bar, I strode around the smooth wooden surface until I was behind the bar, face to face with Daniel.
“Kiss me.”
“What?” He seemed thrown by my sudden boldness but I was finally ready to take charge. I wanted his lips on mine, and his hard body flush against my soft one, even if it was only for the one night. I wanted my first day in Venice to end with a truly spectacular bang that set up the atmosphere for the rest of the trip. Reaching up I wrapped my arm around his neck, ran my fingers through his dark silky hair and pulled him close for a kiss. Without any hesitation I rose up on my tiptoes and closed the gap between us until heat scorched between us.
I whispered into his lips “I said, kiss me.” He smiled against my lips, wrapped arms around my waist and tugged me closer pulling me off balance until I almost fell against his tight hard chest.
He pulled away grinning, in a deep husky voice almost like a growl he replied, “Then I shall do as you command.” Finally he kissed me, and everything spun in a whirlwind from there. The second our lips touched I felt his arms tighten around me as he lifted me easily onto the bar. My butt slid easily across the varnished surface as he moved between my legs. My ankles wrapped around his hips as he kissed my mouth, my jaw, my neck, dragging his lips across my tender flesh as I whimpered with pleasure. Rough hands shoved the material of my dress up my legs whilst his teeth scraped across the tender muscle where my neck met my shoulder, how he knew that was my secret weakness I had no idea but oh my god it was good. Pain mixed with pleasure until I could barely see straight through the haze of desire. I tried to concentrate enough to carefully unbutton his shirt but my hands were shaking and the teeny tiny buttons wouldn’t fit through the holes. Finally I just grabbed the edges and pulled sending buttons flying everywhere as they were ripped free from their stitching.

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