Friday, November 4, 2011

Nano Log Day 4

I'd fallen behind the past few days, life being hectic and such. Plus I'd gotten to a point in my story where I had no idea what i wanted to do next. but I'm back on top of it and up to date.
Aim by tonight: 8000
Current wordcount: 7070
Today's scene. Set in Venice.

“You look amazing.” The store assistant stood behind me, a cheery grin on her rosy cheeks. Tight blond ringlets were tight back loosely fighting vainly to be free. A name badge pinned to her light summer dress read Annie
“Thank you.”
“Hot date?” Here blue eyes twinkled as she teased me lightly, her American accent adding a twang to her girly voice. She was young but she smiled like she knew what I had planned for the night.
“Yeah. Sort of.”
“Sort of? He’s not hot or it’s not a date?”
“Oh he’s hot. Unbelievably hot.” I bit my lip, recalling the way his black jeans had snugly cupped his muscular biteable ass.
“His jaw will taste carpet at the sight of you in that dress. It’s stunning.” I giggled at how naughty her words could be taken, she blushed horrified and covered her mouth with her hand, tripping over herself to explain. “I meant his jaw will hit the floor, not you know...”
“It’s okay I know what you meant. Maybe I’ll get lucky and his jaw will do both.” We shared a giggle and my mind was made up. Even if this dress left me stranded in Venice I’d buy it, it was going to be so worth it. “I have to have this dress.”
“You should, and it’s on sale.”
“It is?”
“For you, yes. I can’t let anyone else walk out with that dress. It belongs to you!” Annie was being very flattering, probably had to encourage every customer to spend a small fortune or something but she really didn’t need to. I was going to buy this dress, and the shoes, and possibly even a gorgeous silver necklace with a dark jade pendent in the shape of a teardrop that would hang just above my cleavage. It felt strange, like it was calling to me. It wanted me to buy it. That sounds so strange when I think about it but it felt like this necklace was meant to be mine. I placed it next to the dress and shoes on the counter and Annie looked at strangely, a small frown on her brows.

“Jade. interesting choice, did you know Jade attracts love, balances the heart chakra, and...” she paused, studying my expression, “ encourages healing.”

It was coincidence surely that the necklace I choose for my date would attract love and promote healing. I wasn’t sure I believed in the power of gemstones but this one held something special. Maybe it could help me heal from my past, move on, but even if it could, it couldn’t attract love. Love doesn’t exist. I thought i was in love. But I was just a pawn in his sociopathic game of revenge. I felt nothing but pity for his other woman though, she was with a sick twisted man and probably had no idea what he was intending to do. Or even what he was capable of. Maybe for me to properly move on I had to help her, had to get her to see Gary for who he truly was. She would know by know though, wouldn’t she? She would be wondering where he was otherwise wouldn’t she? And the Police would have talked to her, not that they seemed to be putting much effort into finding him. Guess I was just another case slipping through the cracks. He wouldn’t hurt me anymore, couldn’t I was ready for him this time. But he could hurt her.

Leaving the store with my new purchases I wandered casually back to my room. It was getting late, stores were beginning to close, the crowd was thinning and their air had gotten considerably cooler. The dinner crowd began to emerge, all dolled up in their fancy clothes as the cafes and restaurants began to light their candles, music was switched to a slower more romantic pace, and waiters moved around setting places. Crisp cool air teased my skin cooling my body, a tantalising feeling I’d never paid attention to before. Dusk was setting in, the formless clouds a palette of pinks, greys and reddish oranges painted atop a canvas of dark blue sky. The stars were beginning to shine and I couldn’t help but feel I was in one of the most beautiful cities on earth. I’d walked further than I thought; my hotel seemed impossibly far away but for once I didn’t mind the exercise as it gave me the chance to think.

I wondered about the men in my life. What was Daniel doing at the moment...was he contemplating the possibilities of tonight? Wondering what was to come of the evening like I was? Or was it just another night for him? Was i another notch on his bedpost? Not that it mattered all that much but a girl gets curious every now and then. What was Gary up to? Was he hiding or still on the run, plotting my demise in some evil villain lair? Sleeping under bridges using newspaper for warmth whilst the rats nibbled his face? Secretly hoping for the bridge and rats option I sent out a silent prayer to the universe that even if he wasn’t in some hellhole that he wouldn’t harm another woman again. I didn’t believe in prayer, religion and faith seemed like complete crap to me, but it couldn’t do any harm.

And Shane. My wise-man, therapist, neighbourly sage, I hadn’t called him yet! He was probably worrying about me, thinking the worst. He was always rather over-dramatic. But he was really all I had. I should call him, I’d promised him all the goss and I’m pretty sure a hot date with a sexy Italian man qualified as gossip. 

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